About Us

The main manufacturing area of the Latvian company PROLEM is the sport goods design and production.

PROLEM registered its trademark in 2012. In the same year, the company embarked upon implementing its idea to construct high quality ice hockey goalies equipment from advanced composite materials.

We are aneww and advanced company. Our focus is on innovations, seeking constructive solutions in designing up-to-date products.

For two years the company was engaged in streamlining the production process which would result in the manufacture of its first product - the professional ice hockey goalie mask - PROLEM VALLUM PRO. In April 2013 the company showed the first examples of its goalie mask production model. It is produced for all age groups and professional levels. Our masks represent a new quality standard in hockey history. Each element of the mask features new, advanced design. They are made of the finest advanced composite materials available

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