Prolem Vallum PRO SWW

Professional Hockey Goalie Mask





Designed and Handcrafted in Latvia

5 Patents

The patented design mask is extremely light and strong.

The mask shell is made of carbon fiber reinforced composite material.

Additionally, the front has been reinforced with both kevlar fiber .


PROLEM Goalie Mask Head Protector VBR

The use of new patented safety padding construction and advanced materials ensures safety and the reduction of impact forces.

The use of nylon based cloth lining and closed-cell polyurethane foam reduces the natural accumulation of sweat bacteria in the safety padding.

The safety head protector consists of 4 padding parts. They can be easily removed and washed

Colors: Black and Red


PROLEM Goalie Mask Nape Protector with Hidden Strap System HSSW

A new patented design of nape protector. The fastening straps from the outside of the nape protector have been positioned inside the mask, thereby creating an area outside the protector for advertisements. The advanced construction nape protector allows easy fastening of straps through specially designed carbon fiber channels which increase safety and shock resistance. The nape protector’s safety padding can be easily removed and maintained.

Changing and adjusting elastic straps is convenient and simple

Color: White


PROLEM Stainless Steel Buckles PRO W

Newly designed components. These new construction stainless steel buckles ensure comfortable fastening and adjustment of the fastening straps. All the parts of the buckles are made of stainless steel which gurantees long and stable functionality with tough corrosion resistance

Color : White



A newly designed ergonomic and comfortable chin guard. Lined with closed-cell polyurethane foam. The three-point straps regulation system provides maximum comfort and safety

Colors: Black and Red


PROLEM Dual Elastic Straps 15W

Strap construction has been manufactured folloving requests from goalies. One side of of the straps is made of cotton which prevents any form of allergy whith the wearer's face. The other side is made of nylon and integrated rubber which ensures strength and elasticity. The strap is only 1,5mm thick. This composite strap strenghth is chose to 100% more than that of plain textile alternatives, but the tightness coefficient of the strap is two times better than plain straps produced by other manufacturers. The integrated rubber component in the strap gives a feeling of comfort since the strap has both tightness and elasticity

Color: Black


PROLEM Goalie Mask Cage Samurai PRO SW

A new patented cage design. It is the first cage in the history of hockey where the perimeter has been made of flat steel welded to a round steel cage. The wire construction of the stainless steel cage is designed to ensure a wider area of visibility for the goalie. The flat perimeter considerably strengthens the cage’s ability to withstand heavy impact.


PROLEM Cage Titanium Fastening Elements .

Titanium fasteners are the safest solution preventing release of the cage from the mask. These elelements are light but also impact and tension resistant.


All the parts of the construction are innovative, and the very best state-of-the-art materials have been used in the manufacturing process.




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