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SIA „Prolem” is the owner of the internet shop The registration number of the company SIA Prolem is no 4410208232.

Its legal address is „Autonams”, Vaive pagasts (parish), Cesis county, LV-4136, Latvia.

Prolem SIA is represented by the board member Andrejs Mikelsons.

SIA „Prolem” has drafted this Privacy Policy in order to demonstrate our commitment to protecting your personal data.

The Privacy policy details the method of collecting and disseminating information by our company via website (henceforth in the text “service” will be used)

We will never make your personal data known to other persons, except in the specific cases referred to in the Privacy policy.

If you use our service, you agree that in compliance with our privacy policy, you authorise Prolem to gather and use any person’s data or other information provided by you during your use of the service.

The personal information in Latvia provided by you will processed in full compliance with the law on the protection of data of physical persons; the Directive 95/46 EK of the European Council, as well as other applicable laws and regulations in the sphere of privacy. SIA PROLEM is registered in the Commercial Register of the Republic of Latvia (company registration no. 44102008232). The Service is provided by SIA „Prolem” which is the sole entity responsible for protecting your data pursuant to the Privacy Policy.

PROLEM services.

When using the Services you are permitted to read information provided by SIA PROLEM. The Services may contain also information provided by third parties which is disseminated on the basis of a licence, a permit or any other form of agreement between the 3rd party and „PROLEM”

In the Privacy Policy the word „we (our, us, etc) is used to designate „Problem”

Usage of services without providing personal data or individually identifiable information. You may arrange security settings of your browser to eliminate any possibility of tracking or any means of registration. However, by doing this, the services may appear to be less functional.

At times you can provide us with personally identifiable information. For example, you may wish to register to make purchases and familiarize yourself with more information, to receive emails from us, to receive invitations to various events, participate in discussions, to find out about new services or take part in various campaigns. If you get registered for using services or you carry out transactions via Prolem's website, we will gather information about your transactions and other activities. We need from you specific information to facilitate your registration and authentication which is essential to process your entries and payments as well as delivering items to you.

Types of information we collect

We can pick up information you have voluntarily provided us with. This refers also to information concerning the location of the site and the data about your visits. As you will see it described further.

Personally identifiable information

In order to use certain website features you may be asked to provide us with personally identifiable information about yourself enabling us to directly address you. This information can contain your e-mail address, name, postal address, phone numbers, PIN code, credit card data, the address of deliveries and accounts as well as permanent identificator (e.g. clients number)  related to the personally identifiable information we are collecting. We are doing this in order to be able:

Data about site visits

This data is anonymised information about website activities.
We make use of anonymous data about on-line activities, in order to have a better understanding of how our services are used. For this purpose we may use summarised anonymous traffic information concerning on-line activities and the information received from third persons, which enables us to upgrade and keep track of trends of use of the services. We may also use the summarised anonymous information to prepare surveys to share with third person marketing partners and linked companies. We may collect information about:


It should be noted that this Privacy Policy refers only to the PROLEM web site. Since links to other sites on the web may appear on our website, we suggest that before entering any personal data, you should study the privacy policy of those sites. PROLEM bears no responsibility for the protection of information you provide to other websites.


We may use third party companies to offer advertisements and content via our services. These companies may use our static cookies and other data collection instruments in order to obtain information on how you make use of our services and other websites and other information you might be interested in.

Commercial transactions

There may be situations when we, for strategic or other reasons, decide to sell, buy, unite or otherwise reorganize our enterprise. Such activities may include the possibility of divulging personally identifiable information to potential or real purchasers of joint venture partners and in a similar way we can receive information from vendors. Following our standard practices, in such business activities we try to ensure relevant information protection.


We deliberately do not collect or disseminate personally identifiable information from children below eighteen. One of the ways to ensure that no information shall be obtained from children below eighteen is our requirement that any person should provide a valid credit card number before the completion of the purchase order. If you are the parent or guardian of a child below eighteen and if you consider that we have obtained personally identifiable information contrary to this policy or contrary to the Republic of Latvia's laws of protection of the rights of the child in the internet (COPPA), please contact us via e-mail, enabling us to erase this information.


PROLEM will implement appropriate security measures in order to protect the person’s data at our disposal against loss, misuse and unauthorized access, disclosure and destruction.

PROLEM will periodically organize audits in compliance with our privacy practice in order to check how the PRIVACY POLICY is applied.


This Privacy Policy comes into effect as of August 6, 2013. We may amend the policy of the protection of data of private persons without prior notification.
All amendments will be published on this page.


Should you have questions on how we collect, keep and make use of your personally identifiable information and data, please contact us via the means given below, in order to have access to your personal data or make any changes to it:

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